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Balance at the Ballot Box

Smith Quarterly
September 2018

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The Southern Revolt Against Offshore Drilling

In South Carolina, opposition to President Trump's drilling plan is a bipartisan affair.

February 2018

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Women Mayors Lead the Charge on Climate Change

The worldwide alliance of major-city mayors who believe their cities must take the lead on climate change, with or without their national governments' help.
UTNE Reader, 
Spring 2017

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1st Gen Changing the Script

1st Gen Changing the Script

Being first in the family to finish college can sometimes mean culture shock and confusion. But it can also open the door to a new life.
Smith Alumnae Quarterly, Summer 2016

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Wearing My Father’s Tallit at the Western Wall for Me, and for My Daughter

Why I flew halfway around the world to pray with women I’d never met
Tablet, November 2013

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Pipe Dreams

North Carolina’s tobacco industry may have gone up in smoke, but local farmers have found another fruitful way to work the land: winemaking.
enRoute, March 2011

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Presidential Gifts

The surprising ins-and-outs of gift giving when you’re the president of the United States.
Vogue.comAugust 2009

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Rose Hamid: Flight Attendant, Hijab Wearer

What if that woman with the head covering who’s walking down the aisle of your plane is not a passenger, but a flight attendant?
WorldHum.comAugust 2009

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Education Equals Power

How women’s colleges are changing the Middle East.
Ms., Summer 2009

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The Influencers

What forces will affect your business in the coming year? Here are the 25 people, trends and events we predicted.
Entrepreneur, February 2008

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Chimp Champion Fights Ape Meat, Pet Trade – By Force, if Necessary

When Sheri Speede met three angry chimpanzees caged as an attraction at a hotel in Cameroon, her planning began.
National Geographic News, December 2006

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America’s Team

A look at how a historic U.S. women’s soccer team changed the world, at least for a while.
The New York Times, July 2000

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