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Finding meaning-and a career-after divorce

MORE, October 2015 Download PDF
Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

Forgetful and prone to distraction, I set out to uncover the cause of my mental mayhem and found a large number of women unwittingly suffering from ADHD. Vogue, October 2011 Download PDF

Toward a More Useful Funeral

Trained celebrants – often with backgrounds in psychology, social work, acting and other professions that emphasize writing or public speaking – are helping families create personalized ceremonies to honor loved ones who’ve passed on. Pacific Standard, July 2011 Download PDF | Read Online

The Happiness Paradox

Happiness. Everyone seeks it. Why some women find it so elusive. Smith Quarterly, Winter 2010 Read Online

Depression and Resilience

Depression is a frequent companion of both neurological disease and caregiving, but there are ways to bounce back from life’s difficulties. Neurology Now, March 2010 Download PDF | Read Online

How Your Body Can Help Your Mind

Who just talks about their issues anymore? Now cutting edge therapies can teach us to use breathing, touch, movement and more to explore and embrace our emotions. MORE, November 2008 Download PDF

The Healing Power of Touch

These four hands-on therapies can ease your stress, anxiety, pain, and more. Read on to find the best remedy for you. Redbook, March 2008 Download PDF | Read Online

Unchained by Melody

In the book “Musicophilia,” neuroscientist Oliver Sacks reflects on the powerful role of music in the lives of people with neurological disorders, including his own. Neurology Now, January 2008 Download PDF | Read Online

A Dream Before Dying

What would you wish for if you had just months to live? Wish-granting groups get all kinds of requests and do their best to make spirits soar. Time, October 2006 Download PDF

One Woman’s Battle with Panic Disorder

An as-told-to narrative Woman’s Day, July 2006 Download PDF