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partially built Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station

A Nuclear Energy Meltdown Scrambles Southern Politics

Sierra, September 2018
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Blue Tissue box with a clipping path

Making the Best of Fearing the Worst

Considering the power of negative thinking...

The Washington Post, June 2008
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Charlotte, N.C.’s Identity Crisis

Charlotte’s anxiety about the banking debacles isn’t just about the thousands of bank jobs here, but the loss of our identity.

NPR.orgFebruary 2009
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They had just taken off on their honeymoon flight when one engine blew.

Reader’s Digest, April 2004
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Commentary: A Plea for a Better Childcare Tax Deducation

NPR’s “All Things Considered”, January 2002
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School Bus

Commentary: On Busing

Longing for the day when it will be easier to answer the question, “Where is your child going to school?”

NPR’s “All Things Considered”, February 2001
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